Topic web Summer 2017

Welcome to Reception!

In the Spring term we have been very busy looking at the story of the enormous turnip, and most recently Handa’s surprise. After Easter we will be finishing off our learning based around Handa’s surprise for a week or two. We will be tasting all the exotic fruits from the story and designing and making our own smoothies. The smoothie bar role play area will still be up in class for these two more weeks as the children are enjoying it so much!

We have been learning about Kenya and Africa, where Handa lives and Wales and thinking about the similarities and differences. We have also been thinking about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Our next book is going to be The Gruffalo and I am very excited about all the things we will be doing in the Summer term. We will be measuring, weighing and planting in our garden.

I will put the overview for the whole Summer term on very soon.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break x