Blwyddyn 4

I hope everybody is keeping well. Check out the Criw Cymraeg page to practise your Welsh and keep fit with Mr Ffit (Anghofiwch Joe Wicks, mae Mr Ffit yn dda iawn).

After spending 5 minutes learning your Welsh and getting your daily physical exercise now try and exercise your mind with a spot of cipher cracking. See if you can work this code out.

Day1: Xibu jt uif dbqjubm djuz pg Xbmft? Fnbjm zpvs botxfs up Ns Lfmmfifs.

Day2: You will be unlucky not to crack the tip. Tip: Lbh zvtug jnag gb cubar n sevraq.

Cipher: What are the 2 digits? 1×8 2×4 2×3     3×2 3×6 1×3 2×3     2×6 2×8 1×6 2×2 2×3 3×7     3×4 4×7      3×3 3×4 3×3 1×8 3×9     4×7 2×3 3×8 2×3 2×6 and now email me the answer.

Day 3: Click here and email me the what, where and when.

Topic Web  Topic web islands

This term our topic is ‘Islands’.  The children have identified what they wanted to find out about this topic and their questions are on our E.P.I.C. boards in class. We will be looking at a number of islands from around the world and using them to discuss topics such as Fairtrade, Volcanoes and Islam. This term will be heavily focussed on applying our geography skills.



Dates for your diary:



General News

Home Learning

Already we have had some lovely home learning tasks handed in.

Click the link below to see the home learning menu of tasks to choose from;

Home Learning Menu – Spring Year 4 spring Term Home Learning Menu

Don’t forget to practise your tables using TT Rockstars and your maths games on Active Learn

Don’t forget to learn your spellings

The children sat a diagnostic spelling test, with the results giving a spelling phase. To make the weekly spelling test manageable, I have put the children into 3 groups.

Phase 5 spelling

Phase 10 spelling

Phase 12 spelling