Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Parents’ evenings are on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th from 3.30pm to 5 pm. Email in the time and day or fill in the chart on my door. Thanks


Maths Test 3 by next Friday 20th (or sooner if they answer the questions over the weekend)

Spelling will be every Friday.

Well done to everybody for a big improvement in the speed test. The class average is now 33/40. The last test on 6s is Friday 13th then it is on to the 7s.

October 16th Liberty Stadium tour and healthy bread making. Leave at 9 and back by 3. Many thanks to the 2 parents who have offered.

November 23rd Sony factory visit. Leave at 9 back by 1 packed lunch needed. 1 more parent helper needed.

December 6th children get to interview an Osprey player in school time. Unfortunately, no parent help needed.

Homework: Spelling tests (Testa and Test b) and speed tests on multiplication tables every Friday. An example of a speed test is linked here speed test6s (word document) and speed test6s (pdf).

Amelie, the team captain, Iwan and William have set up the class cipher cracking team. Follow the link to the Cipher website. Remember to log in. Well done team on cracking the first 2 codes.