Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

Dates: September 29th Museum and Dylan Thomas Theatre trip (forms have gone out). 1 more parent helper needed.

October 16th Liberty Stadium tour and healthy bread making. Leave at 9 and back by 3. 2 parent helpers needed.

November 23rd Sony factory visit. Leave at 9 back by 1 packed lunch needed. 2 parent helpers needed (don’t apply if you have a criminal record as Sony check all the names thoroughly. Hopefully, I will pass their checks. I don’t think I have done anything wrong.)

December 6th children get to interview an Osprey player in school time. Unfortunately, no parent help needed.

Homework: Spelling tests (Testa and Test b) and speed tests on multiplication tables every Friday. An example of a speed test is linked here speed test6s (word document) and speed test6s (pdf).

Well done to Sophie, Amelie and Iwan on cracking last week’s code. This one is a bit harder. You can use the internet to find cipher cracking sites. Email Mr K the answer to this one: Xibu jt uif dbqjubm djuz pg Jubmz? Hppe mvdl!