Year 5

Welcome to Year 5

We have a great trip next Wednesday 25th with Dawn Phillips. We will be following the river Ilston from the source to the mouth. This will be a great introduction to our next topic- Rivers. The children will need to wear wellies to school, as there will be some measuring in the river. A packed lunch will be needed together with spare shoes, socks and trousers. I need at least 2 adults to help on the trip, so if you fancy an exciting day out then please let me know. We will leave at 9am and be back by 3.20pm.

The children have just been given a presentation sheet with the success criteria on it. They need to plan and practise a presentation on persuading the rest of the class to go to their chosen country. Make sure there is a limited use of notes when presenting.





Maths- mental maths next test  Practise the speed numeracy

Spelling – tests on Fridays

Homework: Spelling tests ( Y5Springterm2018a and Y5Springterm2018b)and speed numeracy tests here .