Blwyddyn 5

Welcome to Year 5!

I hope everyone had a brilliant summer holiday and is refreshed and ready for another school year. I am really excited to welcome the children into our new classroom and looking forward to meeting them all. We have a tremendous and exciting year ahead of us!

Our first topic of the year is about The Slimy Stuarts. Throughout this topic, we will be learning about how the Stuart era helped shape our modern society as well as key events, various monarchs, important people, the lifestyle, fashion, battles and so much more! We will also have a trip to Llancaiach Fawr to experience first hand how the Stuarts lived, as well as our trip to Cardiff with the Urdd. More information about these trips will be on the way.

You can find our topic web for this term here;

Topic Web – Stuarts

Home Learning

A menu of SIX tasks will be given to each pupil and they will have a choice which activity they complete over each two week period. By the end of the term they will be expected to have completed all six tasks in full and to the best of their ability. Their work will be shared and celebrated within the classroom each fortnight and some will be displayed on our Topic board.

There will be a checklist displayed in the class which the pupils will tick off once they have completed a task. This ensures that I can keep a track of who has done what, as well as allowing the pupils to take an increased responsibility for their learning and allowing them to see what they still have left to complete.

Home Learning Menu – Autumn

Spellings and Times Table test will be on Fridays. Mental Maths Arithmetic books are also available upon request. These are not compulsory but if you feel your child may require one, please do not hesitate to ask.

P.E. lessons will be on Thursdays. It is essential that your child has appropriate kit in order to participate, due to hygiene and safety reasons.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact the school office or speak to me at the end of the school day. My door is always open!

I cannot wait for this new term to begin!

Mr Rees