School Council/Cyngor Ysgol

Croeso i Cyngor Ysgol 2021-22
Welcome to School Council 2021-22

Each year ten children are elected into the Hendrefoilan Primary School Council, two from each year group from Y2-Y6. These children are representatives of their class, collecting feedback from their friends and passing it on to Mrs Field and Miss Dalton.

Some of our success from the Autumn term:

  • Checking our friends are settled and happy in their new classes.
  • Feeding back about the school yard and grounds. Our feedback led to new benches being installed on the yard.
  • Feeding back about playground equipment. New skipping ropes acquired for KS2.
  • Making sure everyone is happy at play times and setting up a rota for the use of our amazing new climbing frame and football/netball pitches.
  • Planning events for Children in Need.
  • Planning the Mr.X charity appeal for our classes to make donations.
  • Sharing ideas on how we can celebrate Black History Month throughout the school.
  • Conducting an audit of the use of the Hendre-Harties (Four purposes) throughout the school.

For any further information about school council, please contact Miss Dalton via the school office.