Additional Learning Needs

Did you know the law is changing, with regards to supporting children with Special Educational Needs. The new ALN reform bill, plans to help children and young people who need extra support to learn. Please click here to find out more information about the changes.

At Hendrefoilan, we are passionate about Additional Learning Needs.

The inclusion of all pupils, forms our core beliefs as a school, and whilst we recognise that all pupils come to school at different stages of development we will do our best to support your child on their personal learning journey. We offer a ‘can do’ learning culture throughout the school and believe that much can be done to over difficulties experience by some children by working together as a team, parents, teachers and pupils.

The ALN aims of our school are:

  • To ensure that all pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • To provide differentiated activities suited to children’s needs and abilities.
  • To ensure that early identification of additional needs takes place.
  • To ensure that parents of ALN pupils are fully involved from the beginning and are kept regularly informed of their child’s progress
  • To ensure that ALN pupils are involved, where practical, in decisions affecting their future ALN provision
  • Work in partnership with parents, pupils and other agencies e.g. Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapists, Social Workers, School Nurse etc.

Additional Needs Provision

ALN children will need additional or different support from that given to other children of the same age. At Hendrefoilan, we constantly strive to offer a programme that meets the needs of all of our learning and helps them on their personalised learning journey.

Below you will see some of the support packages we use.

All our nursery children are screened using the Wellcomm assessment tool which identifies children with delayed understanding and/or expression of language, these children are then supported through play based language activities.


Speech link is used for children aged 4-8years old. The online, screening assessment is fun, quick and easy to administer. It identifies whether a child’s speech is as it should be for their age.


We use Dyslexia quest in year 1 to screen all pupils to find out if they have any dyslexic traits and identify those who need additional support. If a teacher or parent has concerns about pupils in other year groups, this tool is used to identify if there are any traits.


 Nessy Reading and Spelling is used across the school to support those pupils who show dyslexic traits, the pupils follow an individual programme identifying any areas which they need support and putting in place a programme to achieve targets set.


 Toe by Toe is also used to support pupils who show dyslexic traits, it focuses on a repetition based programme identifying letter sounds and blends.


 We run a DCD group, which meets 3 times a week to support children who have significant handwriting or coordination difficulties.


We have a highly trained member of staff who is able to offer small group or 1-1 focus work for pupils who are experiencing difficulties

If  you have any queries about ALN, Mrs Davies is our ALNCo. Please get in touch with her to discuss, she is always happy to help.