E-safety/Diogelwch ar-lein

Advice for Children to stay safe online: Use and follow the advice you have been given in school.


  • Some social networking sites have a minimum age of 13 years.  This is set for a reason!
  • Only use adult moderated networking sites – ones that mums and dads can check.
  • Tell a parent/adult if someone says anything online that makes you worried or uncomfortable.
  • Tell a parent/adult if you receive a message that is scary, threatening or rude. DO NOT respond to the message.
  • Do not send anyone your photograph or give out personal details such as where you live, your school.
  • Never give your passwords to anyone else.

Enjoy your time on the internet and stay safe.  Remember to consider what is a sensible amount of time to spend on devices.  Try to combine it with other things, such as reading a book, playing with friends outside, spending time with family or playing sports.

Can you believe what is on the internet?  https://dysgu.hwb.gov.wales/playlists/view/7d0b2d0f-9c2f-43aa-93b5-c856fdf09f9d/en#page1


Follow the links to discover how you can keep you and your children safe on-online.

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The links below are from HWB Online safety zone and provide a lot of important information for parents and carers.

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