New Eco-committee

As we get to the final term, our Eco committee are continuing to work hard to improve both the school, and the world’s environment.

We are one of a few schools in Swansea who are taking part in the Energy Sparks scheme, where we get weekly energy updates so we can see how much the school is using in power and we can find ways to save the school money.  last term we did a temperature audit and found the most of the classes were too hot and so we told Mrs Field and she reduced the temperature settings on our boiler.

They have created Eco-books from scrap paper that can be used in each class to write down any Eco ideas you have. The Year 6 Eco-reps will collect these in weekly. 

We also have a Eco class of the week who get awarded an Eco-leaf, so keep going with all the excellent recycling in class and thinking about how we can help the planet – for example, pulling blinds down  at the end of the day and turning off lights to save energy.

Here is the school ECO CODE

So far this year we have audited our current progress in school and have been thinking about our actions for the year. Here is our action plan  and evaluation for last year, celebrating our work towards new outdoor equipment, and continuing our understanding of the Global Goals. Action_Plan 2020-21 with evaluation

Already this year we celebrated Global Goals week, and created our Tree of promises as part of the WWF initiative for COP26.